YouTube Channel 成長の鈍化がもたらす、私のモチベーション










How do I accept the reality that the number of videos and subscribers is not balanced?

A common message on LinkedIn is that the video content is great, but the subscribers and views are too low.

Unfortunately, I am aware of this.

What’s missing from my content?

Are the videos and songs that you have been passionate about just consumed?

What is the cause of the increase in the number of views and the failure to subscribe to the channel?

I feel like I’m in a negative cycle that doesn’t work. The YouTube post itself doesn’t feel like a burden at all. It is said that it is the most difficult to continue well, but video production is very fun and it is not a pain to continue. However, my motivation is influenced by the fact that there are not enough views to match the effort required to make it.

I’ve made a lot of songs and achieved this year’s goal, but YouTube is the only product that doesn’t go as I expected. I don’t think it’s inertial to create and upload in the dark clouds, but in fact, you have to accept the unreproduced reality.

I wonder if the goal for next year will be to rebuild YouTube. How can we accept the result of not being regenerated and grow from there? We will learn from analytics, re-examine the points for improvement, and look for ways to break through the current situation.

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