Next Stage…

My Next door

I feel the most frightening feeling, the thing that makes me feel the highest peak of Tokyo’s activities has been solved and I feel a bit relieved.

Past lessons were not alive this time as well.

I am interested in challenging with a spirit of an explorative so far.

Even though it seemed to be invisible from the surroundings, I was silent only by the concentration ability that makes it positive.

These living ways are very difficult to do with the surroundings, lonely wolves from the side.

However, if it contains noise, it makes it easier for them to be alone.

Going to the state where you can do everything with your own feelings as you wish will make it unsatisfactory.

That’s why I graduated so many things so far.

However, it seemed to be different only this time.

Illustration as a work of my life. Potential such as GIF

These are the themes that we have to deal with over the lifetime. I’d like to have a good time.

I will work on it within the right time, whether it is the time of construction.

Otherwise, I can no longer return to the stage of my life…

Can we stay on the stage next year? Yes, I need to think that I can stay, it does not hold. I only do…

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