私の世界観は他のアーティストさんとはちょっと違うアプローチの視点や、空想論から構成されております。たった一人でも私の活動に心が共鳴してくださった方がいらっしゃったら、何より私は幸せです。今後の活動に期待してくださいませ。 Thank you for your interest in my work in the community where many creators are participating. I kept in mind what I had wanted to make in my daily life, I unleashed the feelings I had patience, I am currently studying digital paintings. There are a lot of people drawing skillfully around the world, but the painting I am going to remain in the heart of the person who saw the illustration. Seriously I will make every effort to realize even one growth than yesterday by an everyday challenge. Please look at the work that you drew with your heart. OPEN YOUR MIND
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